Glee kink fic

Amnesty story for [profile] kinkbingo. God, it's been so long since I posted fic I don't even remember how.

Title: Slut
Author: [personal profile] kaizoku
Rating: smutty (NC-17)
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Emma/Will (I SWEAR THIS IS NOT A JOKE!)
Kink prompt: humiliation (in private)
Other kinks: femdom, spanking, public humiliation (mostly imaginary)
Word count: 530
Notes: Spoilers for 1x17 "Bad Reputation"

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Writer's Block: Cheating with a side of bacon

Have you ever changed your eating habits for a new relationship (e.g., switched to vegetarianism, eaten more meat, etc.)? If yes, did you stick with it when you were eating out with other friends? Which lasted longer, the food regimen or the relationship?

My love is vegetarian but he doesn't feel the need to convert everyone. I have this thing about not liking to cook just for myself, so I end up making vegetarian food most of the time (I do most of the cooking, he does the dishes.) Recently I've started cooking meat a bit more for myself, which he doesn't mind and has even encouraged, though he makes faces when I eat fish. So, yes, my eating habits have changed, but more through osmosis. And I've influenced some of his eating habits, e.g. he'll eat soup when I make it.

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If anyone's wondering where I am, I was up north last weekend and then working and then today I read a book and watched The Dead Zone and made soup and matzo balls with leftover matzo, though they're kind of... amorphous.* Sometime soon I will answer comments! And stuff.

*As the boy pointed out, I should know better than to try a recipe that is billed as "no-fail".