hello and a rec

Hello! I'm back home in Vermont now, have been since New Year's, and recovering (knock on wood) from a cold. And I have a rec! I know, me, a rec... craziness.

Lady in Waiting by anonymous; it's a completed Gwen/Morgana fic on the kink meme with a "consensual D/s relationship but with inescapable mistress/servant power differential" and I think you can tell just from that that it's going to be interesting. It also includes corsets/breathplay and some "use of knights as sexual objects" (and the author says swordplay, but it's barely there.) It's really DAMN HOT but also complicated and all about trust and the meaning of kink, and Gwen is lovely and subby in an amazing, strong way and Morgana is flawed and very much herself. I think some of you... you know who you are... would find it to be up your alley.

ETA: It was sophinisba! Totally should have guessed that.