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Guys, 5 acts is back again and it's super low pressure, you just write down some kinks and people write comment fic for you. Yay! I have a ton of ideas of things to write, now I just need to get down to it. (Note to self: you are not allowed to do any more canon rewatch just to write comment fic.)

[community profile] femslash12 stories are out! The masterlist is up here.

My favorite one so far: cupid's got a gun by [archiveofourown.org profile] lastwingedthing, which is Teen Wolf, Lydia Martin/Ms Morell (played by Bianca Lawson aka the woman who doesn't age.) But it's really about Lydia and how she's strong and smart and she can't really deal with what's happened but she can do fucking magic and keep her head up. Basically this is what I want for Lydia - to see her come back from being someone else's pawn/object. And Ms Morell works really well as a mentor, someone who can keep up with Lydia and cares about her and won't lie to her. It's just brilliant, beautifully written, sweet and sad and hopeful. And the whole teacher/student thing is dealt with in the best possible way if that is a squick. GO GO READ IT.

Aaand... it is way past time for me to go to bed. The boy is sick with a cold and I really need to try to avoid getting sick too. But I was determined to post this before I get busy and forget.

At some point I will make the post about what is going on with my life these days (I has jobs!) and try to catch up with folks. I do not understand what LJ has done to filters - every time I try to read my flist, I am pulled into the vortex of fanficrants or something like that. I'm guessing that means it's time to do some housekeeping. Ehhhh.