Bandom Acronym/Terminology Reference

I'm really bad at remembering acronyms and stuff, so this is mostly for my own reference. May be updated as I come across things.

There's a good intro to bandom post over here. I stole some stuff from it.

FOB = Fall Out Boy
MCR = My Chemical Romance
P!ATD or PATD or P@td = Panic at the Disco, formerly Panic! at the Disco
TAI = The Academy Is..., formerly The Academy (TA?)
CS = Cobra Starship
GCH = Gym Class Heroes
THS = The Hush Sound
AAR = All-American Rejects
TC = The Cab
TS = The Sounds
BN = Brand New
SLR = Straylight Run
MSI = Mindless Self Indulgence

HCT = Honda Civic Tour

GSF = group sex fic or group slash fic or group slut fic, usually stories in which everyone in the band has sex with each other. e.g. "Panic GSF."

FBR = Fueled By Ramen (the label which many of these bands are on)

Decaydance = Decaydance Records (an imprint on FBR started by Pete Wentz)

bartskull = Pete's stomach tattoo which is also the Decaydance logo

The Cobra = the two-handed gesture of Cobra Starship, often accompanied by the phrase "Fangs up!"

wolfshirts = People who hang out on the wolfshirts community? To quote blondiusmaximus, "It's a loving ode to the fact that Gerard was totally the kind of basement-dwellin' dude to wear those wolf shirts with the big rainbows and moons and screenprinted trees on them. As wolfshirts is the metaphorical basement-dwellin' place of cracked out AUs and fic scenarios of fandom! Or something like that."

manpris = men's capri pants (or capri pants on men, at any rate.) I first encountered this term in relation to Bob Bryar.

People and Nicknames:

G. or Gee or Gway = Gerard Way of MCR
Mikeyway = Mikey Way of MCR (easy)
Bden or Bdon = Brendon Urie of PATD
Pwentz = Pete Wentz of FOB
Pstump = Patrick Stump (he actually signs his blog like that sometimes)
PMS = Patrick Martin Stump
The Butcher = Andy "The Butcher" Mrotek, of The Academy Is

Song Names (in progress):

GINASFS = Gay is Not a Synonym for Stupid (Fall Out Boy)

Internet Slang and Acronyms Commonly Used in Bandom:

BB = baby (bandomers like to call each other bb)
CMC = computer mediated communication (or critical micelle concentration - I bring the science yo.) Actually has nothing to do with bandom but wtvr, I see it sometimes.
FFS = for fuck's sake
FTW = for the win (origin: Hollywood Squares)
hXc = hardcore (don't see this one too much)
IAWTC = I agree with this comment (variants include IASHWTC = I agree so hard with this comment)
IDK = I don't know
IDEK = I don't even know
ILU = I love you
IKR = I know, right?
MFEO = made for each other
MTE = my thoughts exactly
OMG = oh my god
OTP = one true pairing (fandom term)
tinhat = People who actually believe their own fanon (wear/are tinhats or are "tinhatting.") History.
TBH = to be honest
wtvr = whatever
YMMV = your mileage may vary
NGL = not gonna lie
ION = in other news

Fixtures of Bandom:

damnyouwentz = a livejournal pornfiction community that closed in March 2008
icecreamhdaches = fob media community
dotcoms_refresh = bandom newsletter for fan-generated content
theydresstight = bandom newsletter for band-generated content

ONTD = ohnotheydidnt - celebrity gossip comm; not a bandom community but news and pics of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson pop up on there fairly often. Don't expect them to understand your love of everything FBR, they'll laugh you off the block. ;-)

Roleplaying Terminology

RPG = role-playing game
PSL or PSLs = private storylines (e.g. played on AIM)
PB = played by (original characters imagined as being played by celebs)
)-: It is sad! I think the second time I checked it, it had closed. And then I kept forgetting *what* it was that had closed so I added it. I think maybe there's a similar community that picked up after it closed? I'm not sure though.